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Asivak Is Surfing It Up!

I’m in Hawaii surfing it up this winter! I’ve been travelling around the world meeting some amazing, new, and interesting people. Over the last year, I have been working in film, television and theatre. I love being an artist and discovering more of myself.


Mahiigan is returning to School!

Since the show, I’ve registered to become a massage therapist and hoping to venture into sports medicine in a few years. I still love basketball and play whenever I can. My life is quiet, and I like it that way. I look forward to returning to my studies.


Jules Continues To Make Media Art!

I am now a PhD candidate with the Institute to of Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia. Since the show, I have produced a few more short films, and I have several projects in development.


Checking In With Asivak

Hello AskiFANS! Asivak here. Since the show ended filming I ventured out on my own. Let’s just say that I’ve been all over North and South America. I’ve seen some amazing places and met a lot of great people along the way.


Special Message to AskiFANS!

Mahiigan and Asivak here. It’s been a while since AskiBOYZ was filmed but now that the show is finally edited, we’re both getting pretty excited for the launch… We’ll keep you guys posted.


Jules Koostachin the AskiMOM

With everything AskiBOYZ, we figured we would change it up by featuring our first official Aski-blog on Director & Creator, Jules Koostachin. With work and raising her twin sons, Jules managed to find time by providing Muskrat Magazine with an exclusive interview on AskiBOYZ.