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Asivak Abraham Koostachin

Born in Ottawa in 1994, Asivak Abraham Koostachin is the eldest of three younger brothers and is currently traveling abroad. He is of mixed ancestry, Cree from Attawapiskat First Nation and Inuk from Inuvik, North West Territories. He attended Rosedale Heights School of the Arts in Toronto and was on the honour role for his academic achievements. He studied guitar, drama, and the technical side of theater and film production. In grade eight, he booked his first national unionized commercial with Health Canada. Asivak was also one of the youngest of twelve National Aboriginal Role Models from across Canada. He visited Indigenous communities all over Canada inspiring youth to succeed in attaining their dreams. Asivak was also selected to venture with Canada World Youth where he visited Vietnam and northern British Columbia for six months. After his travels, he won a scholarship to study with OUR Ecovillage in Victoria, BC. Also, Asivak achieved level (3) three Cree, where he worked toward learning one of his Native languages. He strives to work within communities using media as a tool of empowerment. He is now living in Vancouver pursuing an acting career.


Kineetaaweekoo Ottawa, 1994, Asivak Abraham Koostachin nawuts kisay’oo’oo, ithikook neesoo oosimeesa, igwa meegwat papamootee’oo agaamaskeek. Weetha peetoos ka’isi’yoocheet, Neehiyo, oochi Attawapiskat First Nation, igwa Inuk, oochi Inuvik, North West Territories. Keetootee’oo Rosedale Heights School of the Arts in Toronto, igwa keeyathow neeta honour role isi ithikook ka’isi’kiskinaamooweet. Keekitoochigee’oo meena igwa keeyatooskaatum drama, igwa technical side of theatre igwa film production. Eenaanee’oo kakeetataaskooweeneet kakeemaacheeyaatooskeet, eeyooseetaat commercial asichi Health Canada. Asivak meena keenawasoonow National Aboriginal Role Model of Canada. Kee’kiyookee’oo meecheetaw ita ka’weekichik ineenoowuk misoowee Canada, iweecheewat kootakuk ooskip’matsa. Asivak meena keenawaasoonow tatooskawaat Canada World Youth igwa ispeek keetootee’oo Vietnam igwa keeweetinook British Columbia. Keekachipitum ispeek meena scholarship tantay’atooskawat OUR Ecovillage neeta Victoria B.C. Asivak meena atikiskeeneetum peeyuk ootayumoowin, igwa eeyutinee’nooweet. Keeyapits meena nootee’apacheetow ooma media kwayes tamino’weecheeyaat ootooteema. Igwa meegwats Vancouver weegoo, keeyapits acting career inaataak.


Mahiigan Neel Koostachin

Mahiigan attended Rosedale School of the Arts where he studies drama, media and music. He has a range of interests from music, acting and sports. In grade eight, he booked his first national unionized commercial with Health Canada. Mahiigan also studied guitar, piano and voice at the Ontario Conservatory of Music in Toronto. He also played three years with Toronto Wildcats football league, and participated on his school wrestling, and basketball teams. Since graduation, Mahiigan has worked on several productions with his mother as a production assistant. He also studied up to level (3) three in the Cree language, where he worked toward learning his language. Mahiigan wants to continue working in the film and television industry, but also wants to explore other avenues like sports medicine.


Mahiigan keetootee’oo Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, ita ikee’kiskinaamooweet kitoochikeewin, acting, igwa sports. Weeputs keemaachiyutooskee’oo, eeyooseetaat commercial asichi Health Canada. Mahiigan meena keeyutooskaatum guitar, piano, igwa voice neeta Ontario Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Kee’michimeetaweemee’oo nistoo’aski Toronto Wildcats Football league, igwa asichi keetootum school wrestling igwa basketball. Ispeek kagee’keesi’schooliwit, keeweecheewee’oo ooMamawa isi’yutooskeet production assistant. Weesta meena ati’kiskeeneetum ootayamoowin, igwa eeyuti’neenooweet. Mahiigun keeyapits nootee’atooskee’oo neeta film and television industry, maga, weeyatooskaatum meena kootuk keegwatho taskoots sports medicine.