Bloopers //

Episode 1 Bloopers

Mahiigan VS. Bugs… Mahiigan wins.

Episode 2 Bloopers

How many AskiBOYZ does it take to break off a branch? Watch this blooper to find out.

Episode 3 Bloopers

In this blooper Cassius decides to have some fun with Asivak and experiences difficulty pronouncing Temagami.

Episode 4 Bloopers

Watch as Asivak and Mahiigan struggle with campfire smoke in their eyes.

Episode 5 Bloopers

Watch Mahiigan and Asivak in their attempt with making an axe from rock. Knowledge Keeper Paul Mcleod gives advice on a natural mosquito repellent.

Episode 6 Bloopers

Watch as Cassius struggles with pronouncing Attawapiskat.

Episode 7 Bloopers

Watch this blooper as Knowledge Keeper Darryl Rose gives himself some helpful advice.

Episode 8 Bloopers

Being in front of a camera can be nerve racking. Watch this hilarious blooper moment with Elder Patricia Shawnoo.

Episode 11 Bloopers

Watch and FOCUS as Cassius tries to remember his lines.

Episode 12 Bloopers

In this blooper we see Mahiigan lose his patience with a squirrel while being interviewed and also let’s a frog take mud out of his eye.