Jules Continues To Make Media Art!

I am now a PhD candidate with the Institute to of Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia. Since the show, I have produced a few more short films, and I have several projects in development. I am currently working on my PhD dissertation with hopes of graduating in May 2019, and I am also working on my manuscript “Gathering of Truths”.

– Jules

Ninaateen igwa PhD ta’isikiskeetheetaman kwayes Gender, Race, Sexuality, igwa Social Justice neeta University of British Columbia. Ispeek ooma kakeetootamaak, nigee’ooseetaan ateet kootakuk short films, igwa meena nigeemaacheetaan kootuk keegwaya. Meegwats nitutooskaateen my PhD dissertation igwa itigwee tageeseetayaan May 2019, igwa meena meegwats nimusinayin manuscript “Taamaamooweetaayaak Tapwe’win”

– Jules